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With more than 10-year HR experience, working with large, global clients in the Dutch, UK and Turkish markets, I bring extensive expertise in the area of development and optimisation of HR. My career began in Finance at a large financial Institution, where I developed strong analytical skills and a solid financial acumen. After 4 years, I focussed my career at the human resource management arena, because I believe people are the backbone of any organisation. Every step involves human resource management, from recruiting the suitable candidate for the right position to training, feedback sessions, performance appraisal, rewarding accordingly and attrition management.

I draw on my years of internal experience developing best HR practices to help organisations improve their own HR practices and structure. Because of my hands-on background, I understand the complexities of large organisations and am able to design HR programs that make sense for employees while supporting the business strategies and leadership goals. I combine real-world experience with a broad knowledge of HR, bringing a unique perspective to my clients.

What sets me apart from most is my level of commitment and attention to detail. I am known for my superior client service, quick understanding of the business environment and strong analytical skills. This allows me to operate at all levels on a project, serving as visionary, thought leader and strategist while also rolling up my sleeves and helping with the details required to drive results.

Before earning a Master in Change Management from Erasmus University Rotterdam, I received a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Management Studies from the Hogeschool of Utrecht. Additionally, I hold a NIMA A certificate, it is a requirement for all specialists working in the field of marketing.

For more details about my work experience and assignments, please visit my LinkedIn profile.

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